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Dental Checkups and Cleaning

Science shows a strong link between gum disease and inflammatory conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer’s.


We believe that dental hygiene is the foundation of all dental health.


Ultrasonic cleanings are a gentle way to remove all the bacteria around the teeth to help maintain a healthy mouth and a healthy body. At South Georgetown Dental Care, we have implemented a program that includes a comprehensive evaluation of gums and supporting bone at every recall visit. In addition, any treatment that is recommended is co-diagnosed, meaning that, you and your dentist decide how best to proceed. Treatment options, advantages, prognosis, materials and fees are thoroughly discussed to ensure your complete understanding and long-term satisfaction. Intraoral cameras are used at South Georgetown Dental Care. We want you to see what we see so you can understand any concerns that may be present. Contact us today to set up your appointment

Our FOCUS is on oral health. We believe in taking an integrated approach to your oral health!

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