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Dental Implants

At South Georgetown Dental Care we can help you experience the permanent, stable restoration of your most beautiful smile after tooth loss. A dental implant is a permanent artificial replacement of a natural tooth. The implant treatment process begins with a consultation. At this time your doctor will discuss your specific medical history, how many implants, your bone quantity and quality and any medication you may be on. They will then discuss the options available to you and recommend a treatment plan that best fits your needs. As part of the procedure, a metal anchor, or implant, is placed at the root of the tooth. The most common material used to fabricate the implant is titanium, a material that has been shown to be suitable for most people. The body tends to readily accept titanium, and the success rates are very high.


Among the safe and effective treatments offered for our patients who don’t want metal in their mouth, we also offer full ceramic (zirconia) implants. Dental implant treatment restores a high degree of your natural chewing function. We are proud of the personal attention we offer to each of our patients and we extend an invitation to you to experience the benefits of compassionate dental care from our team at South Georgetown Dental CareCall us today to book your appointment.

Our FOCUS is on oral health. We believe in taking an integrated approach to your oral health!

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